TeaBox Tea Subscription: Review

Tea Box… I am and always will be a Tea person…. a cup of tea can do wonders to you… i live on cups of tea, mostly black… even tho Indians are known for their notoriously sweet cup of tea with milk!!! I am totally a black tea kind of person!!! 
I honestly dont remember how i came across this tea box website… my guess is i was looking into buying some tea for my baking!!! 
Anywhooo… You guys who love tea need to check this website out Teabox well if you really are not sure coz of the gazillion types of tea and you cant really decide on which one to pick! this subscription is the best thing that happened. So when you click on the link on tea box, you will be in the tea box subscription page and you will be asked for a small quiz/ questionnaire kind of thing and they pick 3 varieties of tea for you based on it! You can either close a tea starter or tea lover or tea enthusiast pack.. which are obviously different priced. The tea starter pack being the cheapest INR 500. I think thats the best one for people that are trying out, i mean you can always opt for a bigger pack or buy the ones you loved separately.
So i got my first pack, ( well there was a problem with shipping as i gave the wrong post code, but the service was so good I really appreciate a good service.. trust me i have my fair share of fights with customer service people, sometimes i think they dont really care. But these guys are good!!!) 
Also you get a 50% off on your first box thats ever better hehe! The box it comes in looks awesome.. I mean you can see they made an effort for this product and its for and by tea lovers. 
I first set of tea’s i received were 10gms each of 
1. CTC Spring Assam Black
2. Classic Spring Kangra Green
3. Exotic Summer Darjeeling Oolong

You also get a steel tea measuring spoon and few re-usable muslin tea bags.
The first tea i tried was the “Exotic Summer Darjeeling Oolong” its so fresh and summery and light and awesome… and let me tell you it was one of the best tea’s i have tried. My favourite has always been the fruit tea “Kinder tea” from my favourite tea room in “het gouden randje” in Enschede, Netherlands. But this one ooooo damn its good!!! I am yet to try the other two, i can already tell you they are going to be great as well. 
Here’s few pictures to show you …

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