Hot Toddy poached Pears and Rye Galette

I have been looking for all these speciality flours, In India its also quite impossible. I finally found some Rye flakes, ground them sorta fine and added to the all the purpose flour. Hot toddy poached pears, searched for few small sized pears, poached in bourbon and spices. Living in most of India, its hot and galette seems perfect as i do not have to bother about the shape going squishy- mushy. 

Rye Galette Pastry:

  • Flour – 120gm
  • Rye flour – 60 gm 
  • Chilled Butter – 100gm
  • Sugar – 2 tablespoons
  • Egg yolk – 1
  • Lemon juice – 1 teaspoon
  • Salt- pinch
  • Chilled water – 30 ml (maybe a 20 ml more if needed)

Hot toddy Poached Pears:

  • Pears – 5-6 small ones
  • Bourbon or whiskey – 1225ml 
  • Cinnamon – 2 sticks
  • Cloves – 3-4 
  • Star Anise – 2-3
  • Lemon slices – 2-3
  • Honey – 60 ml
  • Sugar – 50gm 

To finish:

  • Egg – 1
  • Sugar – 2 tablespoons

Rye Galette Pastry:

  • In a large bowl, Add the flour, rye flour, sugar and salt and mix well. 
  • Cut the butter into cubes and rub into flour until it looks like wet sand. 
  • Make a small well in the middle and add the egg yolk, mix well. 
  • Mix the lemon juice with water. 
  • Slowly add into the bowl of flour, until it all comes together. 
  • Roll it into a ball, chill it for 15 mins. 
  • Roll it out flat and chill for about 30 minutes to an hour. 

Hot Toddy Poached Pears:

  • In a heavy bottomed pan. Add the bourbon, honey, sugar, cinnamon, star anise and cloves. 
  • Peel the pear skin leaving the stalk. 
  • Add the pears into the pan and cook it on low heat, until the pears are soft firm.
  • Take out the pears and let it cool. 
  • Cook the rest of the syrup, until it reduces to half. This syrup is what you would use on the pears during and after baking. 


  • Preheat the oven to 180 degrees celsius. 
  • On a parchment sheet, take the chilled rolled out galette, arrange the pears in the middle. 
  • Fold the edges of the pastry, along the pears. 
  • Brush the egg wash on the crust, sprinkle the sugar on the egg washed crust. 
  • Sprinkle half of the reduced syrup on the pears. 
  • Bake for about 20-25 mins. Once the crust turns golden brown. Take it out and let it cool. 
  • Pour out the rest of the syrup on the pears before serving. Of course a big dollop of cream or ice cream to compliment the galette.
Happy Baking

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