Hello cupcake

Being a sugar junkie, I’ve always had a thing for baking but never had the patience to try out baking properly… Now that I have some time (not really being a new mom, I guess I should be using the wee bit of free time I have to rest). But somehow baking seems more fun, although i do get quite sad when something doesn’t work out…

Instead of just trying out the different cupcakes from the various sites by professional bakers.. I thought why not bake and write on how it turned out, that could be fun.

I think the whole “new mom” thing kicked in some patience and creativity in me haha.. So I have been a busy bee trying to make things for my lil one to keep him entertained.

Watch out for regular posts on cupcakes and DIY.

Comments and suggestions are highly appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚



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