DIY: Lavender syrup

Since i have started baking.. its crazy the things i have started using in baking and loving the flavours.. if you had told me i will be making things with lavender and rose i would have said are you crazy? !!  But i am seriously in love with the flavours of rose, lavender and chamomile and a lot more… 

Enough of my ramblings on how i like these things.. I was even quite skeptical on how this would taste.. but it is amazing i swear.. 

  • Sugar – 100gm 
  • Water – 100ml 
  • Lavender flowers – 2 teaspoon (you add more for a more stronger flavour)


  • In a have bottomed pan, add the water, sugar and the lavender flowers. On a low heat, let the sugar melt completely. 
  • Once its all melted, let it cool slightly. 
  • Strain the lavender flowers and store it in a sterilised and dry bottle. 
  • You can it in cakes, on cakes, on scones, in your cuppa or even on your toast :D 

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