Banoffee Waffles

Ingredients:Toffee Sauce: Butter – 60gm  Cream – 125 ml Dark brown sugar – 100gm Vanilla – 1 teaspoon Sea Salt- a pinch Waffles: Flour – 120gm Sugar – 50gm Eggs … Read more

Cherry Brandy Pie

Getting cherries in India is mostly impossible and even if you get them, its only available in some place… aaaand its pricey! You wont believe the prices of blue berries … Read more


Ingredients(makes about 10 waffles)  All purpose flour – 250gm Milk – 600ml Butter – 200gm Sugar – 100gm Baking Powder – 1 teaspoon Salt – 1 … Read more

Panna cotta

Last night mom and i were talking, she mentioned that she had something called “panna cotta” in Goa and that an Italian lady makes it and … Read more